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Tracking Phone Use by Drivers Shows that Distracted Driving is Becoming Even More Common

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All of us have turned to look at the driver next to us at a traffic light, or even while driving down a busy street, only to find them buried in their phone screen. As more of us become dependent on—even addicted to—our smartphones, distracted driving has become increasingly common on Hawaii’s roads, and data released by a technology company specializing in tracking phone use while driving proves this to be true. Read on to learn about the tech company’s report, and contact a Hilo car accident lawyer if you’ve been injured in a crash with a distracted driver.

Zendrive is a tech startup that provides software to ride-hailing apps (such as Uber and Lyft) as well as those of insurance carriers to track a driver’s use of their phone while their car is in motion. Zendrive collects anonymous data from these apps, gathering information from over 4.5 million drivers. Each year, Zendrive publishes the rates of phone use by drivers and uses it to estimate rates of distracted driving across the entire US population.

This year’s report included data gathered across a four-month period beginning in late 2017 to early 2018. According to Zendrive’s data and analysis, approximately 60% of all drivers studied used their phone at least once during each drive. If expanded out to the entire US population, this means that 69 million drivers use their phones at least once while driving. Drivers are also using their phones for longer than in previous years. The average driver tracked by Zendrive was on their phone for almost four minutes for each hour they spent driving. This marks a 5% increase over last year’s average phone use time.

Zendrive has also found that laws banning texting while driving don’t appear to be slowing down phone use. Hawaii has outlawed handheld phone use while driving, but these laws didn’t prevent the rates of distracted driving in Hawaii from climbing, according to the recent study. Drivers who cause accidents while using their phone behind the wheel may be financially liable for the medical expenses, property damage and pain suffered by their victims through a personal injury lawsuit. A Hawaii injury lawyer can help you determine if you’re a candidate to file a lawsuit based on a distracted driving crash.

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