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boyfriend taking the wheel

Tracking Phone Use by Drivers Shows that Distracted Driving is Becoming Even More Common

By Louis P. Mendonca |

All of us have turned to look at the driver next to us at a traffic light, or even while driving down a busy street, only to find them buried in their phone screen. As more of us become dependent on—even addicted to—our smartphones, distracted driving has become increasingly common on Hawaii’s roads, and… Read More »

the rear facing car seat

New Study Looks at Whether Rear-Facing Car Seats Protect Children in Rear-End Crashes

By Louis P. Mendonca |

Most parents know that safety experts advise placing infants in rear-facing seats when they’re small, but some have concerns about whether a rear-facing seat is always best for child safety. A recent study looked at the safety of rear-facing car seats when cars are involved in rear-end accidents, rather than front- or side-impact crashes…. Read More »

the tired driver

Study of Drivers in Moments Before Crashes Shows Large Number Are Drowsy

By Louis P. Mendonca |

Between long hours at work, getting children to and from after-school activities, seeing friends, and maintaining a home, it can feel impossible to get everything done in a day. Many Americans find more room in their schedule by cutting back on an activity that’s critical for health and well-being: sleep. New research shows that… Read More »

newspaper that reads new law ahead.jpg.crdownload

Hawaii Legislature Proposes New Laws Governing Roadway Safety

By Louis P. Mendonca |

Many accident injuries can be attributed entirely to the negligent driver who caused the crash. That said, there are steps that every roadway occupant can take to reduce the risk of injury when accidents occur, such as using the seatbelt when riding in a motor vehicle. The Hawaii state legislature has recently introduced several… Read More »

person drinking while driving

Rash of Local Arrests and Accidents Caused by Drunken Driving

By Louis P. Mendonca |

Hawaii island saw a higher number of drunken driving arrests in 2017, including a spate of DUI arrests in the final week of the year and an injury accident caused by a repeat DUI offender. Learn more about DUIs on the island of Hawaii below, and contact an experienced Hilo car accident attorney if… Read More »


2017 A Deadly Year on Big Island Roads.

By Louis P. Mendonca |

Obvious as it sounds, that’s the lesson to be learned from the majority of the 32 official traffic fatalities that occurred on Hawaii Island in 2017 — the same official total of traffic deaths that took place in 2016. The deaths occurred in 30 collisions. Read More…

Man walking gets hit by car

Climb in Fatality Rate among Pedestrians Seen as indicator of Distracted Driving’s Effects

By Louis P. Mendonca |

Over the past three years, the rate of fatalities on US roads has steadily climbed in nearly all categories, but one of the groups most affected by this rise in roadway deaths is pedestrians. Learn more about this troubling climb in death rates among pedestrians, and contact an experienced Hilo injury attorney if you’ve… Read More »

huge four car accident

Hawaii Has Highest Fatality Rate in State

By Louis P. Mendonca |

A new report shows that Hawaii County leads the state in motor vehicle traffic deaths. Traffic fatalities are a serious problem both in Hawaii and across the country, as additional data reveals that fatalities have risen across the country for another year. Big Island leads in motor vehicle fatalities The State of Hawaii’s Department… Read More »

Lane drift warning signals on cars

Lane-Drift Warning Systems Could Be Life-Saving

By Louis P. Mendonca |

Lane drift can occur when a driver is intoxicated or suffering from a health emergency, but it can also happen when a driver is simply drowsy or distracted. Roughly one in four fatal crashes is attributed to lane drifting. A new study shows that many of these fatalities could be prevented if cars came… Read More »

Car hit on the side

Side-Impact Collisions: Causes and Consequences

By Louis P. Mendonca |

Side-impact collisions can be highly violent; in fact, they are one of the largest sources of roadway fatalities. Read on to learn about the common causes of side-impact collisions and the reasons that they’re considered so dangerous, and contact a Hawaii auto accident lawyer if you have questions after a side-impact crash. When do… Read More »

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