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huge four car accident

Hawaii Has Highest Fatality Rate in State

By Louis P. Mendonca |

A new report shows that Hawaii County leads the state in motor vehicle traffic deaths. Traffic fatalities are a serious problem both in Hawaii and across the country, as additional data reveals that fatalities have risen across the country for another year. Big Island leads in motor vehicle fatalities The State of Hawaii’s Department… Read More »

Lane drift warning signals on cars

Lane-Drift Warning Systems Could Be Life-Saving

By Louis P. Mendonca |

Lane drift can occur when a driver is intoxicated or suffering from a health emergency, but it can also happen when a driver is simply drowsy or distracted. Roughly one in four fatal crashes is attributed to lane drifting. A new study shows that many of these fatalities could be prevented if cars came… Read More »

Car hit on the side

Side-Impact Collisions: Causes and Consequences

By Louis P. Mendonca |

Side-impact collisions can be highly violent; in fact, they are one of the largest sources of roadway fatalities. Read on to learn about the common causes of side-impact collisions and the reasons that they’re considered so dangerous, and contact a Hawaii auto accident lawyer if you have questions after a side-impact crash. When do… Read More »

Back seat belts

Research Reveals Rear-Seat Riders’ Restraint Reluctance

By Louis P. Mendonca |

Public opinion, as well as many state laws, reflect a reduced amount of concern with whether passengers riding in the back seat of a vehicle wear a seat belt as compared with front-seat passengers. But the dangers are just as present for unrestrained rear-seat passengers as they are for front-seat passengers in the event… Read More »

man filling out claim form

Factors that Influence the Value of Your Car Accident Claim

By Louis P. Mendonca |

Being the victim of a car accident can not only be frightening; it can be costly. After an accident, you may feel like your finances are being drained by the costs of medical appointments, lost wages, and car insurance deductible payments. Ideally, either car insurance or a lawsuit based on your injuries will result… Read More »


Researchers Uncover Impact of Leaving a Child Unrestrained in the Car

By Louis P. Mendonca |

One of the most important lessons that parents should learn, even before bringing their child home from the hospital, is how to properly install and use a child safety seat in their car. Nevertheless, research has shown that some 75% of parents are either using their child’s safety seat incorrectly or have installed it… Read More »


Take These Five Steps after a Hawaii Car Accident

By Louis P. Mendonca |

Being involved in a motor vehicle accident can be one of the scariest and most violent incidents you experience. It can be hard to think straight and figure out what you should do in the immediate aftermath of an accident to ensure that your claims based on the accident are preserved. Read on to… Read More »

Can Parents be Liable for Serving Too Much Alcohol to a Minor Child at a Graduation Party?

By Louis P. Mendonca |

Yes. That was the recent holding of our Hawaii Supreme Court in Ah Mook Sang v. Clark., 130 Hawai’i 282, 308 P.3d 911 (2013). In that case, Makamae Ah Mook Sang was fifteen years old when she attended a party hosted by Michael Clark, who was twenty five years old at the time. Once… Read More »

Liability of Businesses Providing Recreational Activities

By Louis P. Mendonca |

Anyone who owns or operates a business providing recreational activities to the public (such as but not limited to, scuba or skin diving, sky diving, bicycle tours, and mountain climbing) must exercise reasonable care to ensure the safety of patrons and the public, and will be liable for damages resulting from negligent acts or… Read More »

Pedestrians & Bicyclists Injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident

By Louis P. Mendonca |

Pedestrians and bicyclists injured as a result of a motor vehicle accident are entitled to have their accident related medical expenses paid by the motor vehicle’s insurance coverage, or what’s called Personal Injury Protection (“PIP”) Benefits. The PIP coverage under the motor vehicle’s insurance policy provides pedestrians and bicyclists a minimum of $10,000.00 to… Read More »

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