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Pedestrians & Bicyclists Injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident

Pedestrians and bicyclists injured as a result of a motor vehicle accident are entitled to have their accident related medical expenses paid by the motor vehicle’s insurance coverage, or what’s called Personal Injury Protection (“PIP”) Benefits.

The PIP coverage under the motor vehicle’s insurance policy provides pedestrians and bicyclists a minimum of $10,000.00 to pay for accident related medical expenses regardless of whether or not the pedestrian, bicyclist, or the motor vehicle driver were at fault in causing the accident. Hawaii Revised Statutes § 431:10C-304.

Insurance companies may not inform you that you are entitled to medical benefits under that motor vehicle’s insurance policy. If you’ve been injured in a motor accident as a pedestrian or bicyclist, we can assist you in preparing the Application for PIP benefits to be sure your accident related medical expenses are paid by the motor vehicle’s insurance.

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